THE SCRUBS (coming in June '08)

James Jeter, the notorious serial killer with a sixth sense, holds court inside London’s Wormwood Scrubs Prison.  He’s the focus of the “North Wing Project.”  Under the influence of a hallucinogen, Jeter can create an alternative world known as “The Rift” containing the souls of his victims.  

Pardons are on offer to inmates who’ll enter The Rift.  Michael Keeler has nothing to lose and little to live for.  He’s sent into The Rift to learn the identity of Jeter’s last victim.  

It’s a mission where the guilty can be redeemed, but at a price…

Read an Review and Interview over at Macabre Ink.

The book features original cover and interior art by Alan Clark.

Pre-order the book from these stores:
Bad Moon Books
Horror Mall

What They Are Saying About The Scrubs :

The Scrubs is one merciless piece of work, in both the setting of Wormwood Scrubs prison and its colorful, even tragic, inmates, Simon has created a terse, tense, and powerful novella that closes in on the reader like the worst case claustrophobia you’ve ever had.  An excellent achievement, and a real milestone in Simon’s career.”
Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Coffin Country

The Scrubs…it’s a journey to a Twilight Zone of our time.”
Mort Castle, author of The Stranger

“Lean, mean fear machine – The Scrubs is gruesomely inventive entertainment.”
Simon Clark, author of This Rage of echoes

“In this fast-paced cybernoir tale, Simon invites us to quite literally step inside the circus tent od a mad criminal mind…before zipping it right up behind us for good.  This is, simply put, an incredible novella.”
Michael Arnzen, author of Bitchfight and Play Dead

The Scrubs is a superb, fast-paced journey through the hell of incarceration…and way, way beyond.”
Tim Lebbon, author of Dawn

“Truly a remarkable book and I highly recommend it.”
David Niall Wilson, author of Ennui



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